Wednesday, June 27, 2012

W(h)ippin’ Wednesday–aka. how many alliterations can I come up with for a mid-week link post

  • Adding dirt to our diets – Yeah, I’m not overly concerned about cleanliness. You won’t find me using any hand sanitizer unless I encounter someone with the flu.
  • And a paleo dude’s thoughts on dirt exposure
  • Police attempt to detain many for openly carrying a weapon (video) – This is definitely a controversial topic, but what I love about this video is how calm the man remains in the face of a (what I would describe as) confused police officer. The officer is just trying to do his job, even if he doesn’t quite get it right, and the man is being polite and calm throughout the whole encounter. I wonder what happened btwn the officer and his supervisor after. I also hope the uploader doesn’t get in trouble for taping this as I don’t think he said it was being taped.

Not much has changed in the world of me, lately. Still stressing about what to do with the little money I’ve been saving (really, it must go towards filling our oil tank for the winter!) and how I can save more. I know some people pop over here from, so I may do a blog post detailing how I manage Primal eating for as cheap as possible. Prices may vary depending on location of course. In the Greater Boston Area, we pay more than some for groceries, but not as much as inner-city folks do. For that, I am grateful!

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  1. If the police knew that they were being taped, there probably would have been more of a problem-- probably some tackling and getting the camera away from him-- even though anyone in public does not have the right to privacy (so their images can be taken at any time). Just knowing that I don't have the right to my image once I go into public makes me want to invest in a Burke.