Friday, June 29, 2012

TGIF, or how I learned to distract myself at work

Here I was, thinking, “On Friday, I won’t do a link post! I’ll have some original content instead,” but here I am, and it’s Friday, and I’ve got some more links to share.

  • If you’re drinking beer already, this is a cool idea for a cheap gift or first set of glasses for an apartment or home. I know I would love to receive a set, especially if they were a seasonal (preferably Autumnal) set! There’s another method for cutting the bottles, using string, nail polish remover, and fire. If I ever try either method, I’ll let you know what’s easier, but I can tell you right now, fire is appealing.
  • Young girl, old life – I love this blog! A young woman in the midwest is living off the grid, including building her own structures, keeping her own chickens, and foraging for food! Part of me thinks this kind of life would be a really wonderful thing to invest myself in, but I have many ties to urban life, and there are a lot of things that I just don’t want to give up. That doesn’t mean that I can’t blend the two a bit and spend more time learning how to survive in nature and be more resourceful with what the Earth provides.
  • ‘Health halo’ effect – A quick video, which is I believe an excerpt from The Men Who Made Us Fat, a documentary currently airing on BBC. I’ve defintely seen this effect in practice in my every day life, both from my own shopping experiences and being told something is “healthy!” because of the packaging or touted ingredients (like soy). I even heard a girl in Sally’s Beauty Supply claim that a bleach product MUST be good for her hair because it has soy protein in it! (Note: It probably actually is good, since protein helps repair/protect hair during the bleaching process, but it was funny because soy != healthy.)


My weekend plans, weather providing, include finishing up a side table project, doing laundry at Boyfriend’s parents’ house, and relaxing. It was great to get up to Maine last weekend, but I’m ready to just do whatever I feel like around town. The only money I know I need to spend is for more butter!Before

I could see there were some designs under this disgusting finish and was determined to reveal them. We used a gentle stripping solution and scraped it away after letting it sit for a little while.


What are those, flowers?! I had no idea there was a design in the center! The table is slightly lighter than this picture shows, but I think I’m done with it. I don’t want to risk scraping up the paint in the center by stripping it more (already have a little, in some spots), even though it’s still kind of icky. I’ll cover it with some polyurethane, let it dry, and consider stripping the legs (which also have some paint on them) later. I wonder how old it is! The painting was done by hand, not stencil, so I’m guessing it could be 1950’s or earlier.

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