Monday, June 18, 2012

Responsibility…with gifts?

Another birthday here, nothing significant about 24 except in a metric system, I suppose. And of course, today is not any different than any other: I am struggling with money!

Getting gift cards makes receiving gifts mildly easier to manage. TJ Maxx doesn’t really have things that we could really use (because let’s face it, if we needed it, we’d have gotten it by now) for the apartment, so I will use it for clothes for myself. They will likely be practical, functional for work and play, but I will enjoy them nonetheless. Amazon is a bit trickier, since there is so much STUFF there. I am having a hard time telling myself we don’t NEED a high-sided cat litter box, though it would be nice to have, since Fae likes to fling the litter everywhere. It’s gift money and so I should use it for something nice for me…right? There are some self-improvement kind of books I’ve been looking at (and some supplements), but even that seems wrong with a birthday gift card.

But checks. Checks are the worst. “Responsibly” I could put it towards a loan, or just hang onto it in case of an emergency. But I am not bankrupt, I am not completely out of dough, and I’m paying off my loans on-time, if not faster than I hoped to. I actually do have some savings at the moment. So is it so terrible if I spend this gift money? Not at all, but I am having a hard time convincing myself of that!

Things I’d like to buy, totally for fun, with my birthday money:

I’m sure I’ll ultimately end up posting whether or not I buy anything fun, and if so, what I get, but you’ll have to wait to find out.


  1. I like the two mary jane shoes and the lavender luster ones.
    I can send you some of my artwork if you want some original pieces-- they're just collecting dust so you are more than welcomed to some pieces.
    I don't think I ever thought of making reusable pads. I think it might be fairly easy to make. I like the idea. I might look into how to make them.
    I didn't like the idea of the moon cups when I first heard of them years ago because I was in college and I didn't think it would be good for the public restrooms that I constantly had be in.

  2. I'd love some original art!

    There are all kinds of designs for cloth pads, I haven't tried making any yet because that requires the spare $ to get supplies. It would probably be worth the investment and I'd probably hand-sew because I'm a mess with my machine. I was definitely turned off by menstrual cups when I first heard about them. I'm more comfortable with the idea (and practice of using them) now, though I haven't been able to get it to work for me yet (er...technical difficulties, haha).

  3. I was thinking of going to the store and seeing if there might be some red or brown colored cloth in the scraps or I could look through my own extras. Also, there was one time I got a lot of fabric from a neighbor's yard sale for maybe 5 dollars-- and it was about 10 yards.