Monday, June 25, 2012

Quick weekend away: Maine

This past weekend, Boyfriend and I headed up to Maine to visit my sweet little Babushka. We took her around on errands (groceries and checking out recliners) and got to make her dinner (chicken with roasted potatoes, and a salad), as well as get inundated with numerous stories about anything and everything (an ember pin made into a pendant for my birthday gift).

Baba is a master at planting

I love spending the weekend at Baba’s. It reminds me of being a kid and heading up with my parents every now and then, especially over summer vacation and for holidays. I love being in that house, knowing the planning and work that went into building it as well as the work my grandparents had to put in to be able to afford to buy their own land and build their own home. I miss the post-shopping fashion shows my sister and I would put on after we picked out some back-to-school clothes. Apparently, now I make do with trying on some of my dad’s old clothes…

My dad went to science camp? Go figure

We also got to do some relaxing, by heading to Popham Beach on Sunday morning. Boyfriend and I got there early enough to beat the lunch crowd at Percy’s and took off down the beach at a leisurely pace, even slipping into the water for a little while. We walked the full length, basically, which means we ended up going a total of over 5 miles! My legs are surprisingly not sore (well, they are sore, but not as sore as they were walking barefoot for 2 miles on pavement) after all that walking, on sand. Nothing can really prepare you for that…except for frequent walking on sand. I still love the idea of retiring to Maine someday, but I think I’d have to become much less delicious first: the bugs are crazy up there.

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