Saturday, June 02, 2012


Today was my 8th personal anniversary. Well, I count yesterday and today, since the overdose was late in the night. And it was the first time that I didn’t forget and/or feel pretty good on that day. It was disappointing, but I had a cathartic therapy session today and having a friendly chat with a co-worker helped.

I guess I am writing this post because I don’t really talk to people about feeling depressed and I think that should change.

I have been very stressed out for the past few months and really not managing it well. I just thought… people should know. This isn’t really a cry for help, I’ve been at this low point too many times to really bother with that anymore. I just want to take a step towards talking to people instead of just writing it out, here and in an online journal, so I can try to learn from this.

And here, because I love this band and song.

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