Thursday, May 03, 2012

WTH, more links?!

Apparently all I feel like doing this week is sharing links! This is totally fine with me, as I haven’t’ had the brain power to really craft anything more substantial. My journal over on is updated nearly daily, so I get most of my frustrations and thought-analysis done over there.

  • Vitamin D and Cholesterol – The information here on supplements concerns me. I’ve been on a high dose of Vitamin D for some time now. I would love to get out in the sun more, but that requires exposing skin and the weather just won’t allow it right now/for some time now. I wonder if 20 min of day light exposure in the form of a walk after work, once it warms up, would be enough to keep my D levels okay without supplements? Oh yes, read with this warning: she discourages low-fat diets :)
  • Jason Statham is worth a lot – And he’s hot. And I like his acting (probably just being himself). And his body. Is he a genre by himself? Regardless, I approve.
  • Girls participation in PE – I don’t know what the answer is, but separating girls to participate in activities like Zumba is a huge step backwards ala 1950s. I felt very self-conscious in gym class middle school through high school, around the girls and the boys; I felt like my body was going to be judged by everyone and I’ve never stopped getting unwanted comments about how “thin I am”. I think the answer will come from the younger students, in elementary school, and building up confidence and respect for other bodies as well as their own.

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