Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Wednesday post: in which I ramble and feel good.

Queen Fae, hanging out while I watched a bit of Hellboy II last night.
Meet Fae, also known as Queen Fae, also known as my Hallowe’en cat, who has finally joined us at the apartment! After not really eating after her arrival on Sunday night, she ate all the food that had accumulated in the bowl overnight (I'd put in some tuna, tuna juice, dry food, chicken juice over the course of yesterday morning and evening). She had a few nibbles of the food I put out this morning too, so it looks like we're in the clear there :) She weighed in at a healthy 12.5 lbs (Boyfriend claims she has definitely lost weight since we saw her around Easter, since her belly is no longer dragging on the ground). The vet said he wanted to do blood-work, but that was going to be around $200 more, so fuck that. Boyfriend handled the decline well, it sounds like, since apparently the vet was amused by the way he said, "Um, no." Fae is finding new places to hang out and currently loves any under-bed space and curling up in my Harry Potter closet. CAN YOU TELL I AM SO HAPPY TO HAVE HER WITH ME AT LAST? No more sharing with the family, she's all ours. ;) Well, they can visit.

I'm on a bit of a sci-fi/fantasy/occult kick right now, both literary and otherwise. I might whip out some of my old witchcraft books and see if I still like them (have been trying unsuccessfully to sell "To Ride A Silver Broomstick" by Silver Ravenwolf for years now, what an embarrassing purchase). I consider myself a spiritual person, but not religious. It makes me happy to dream about seasonal altars I'd like to arrange on the desk that serves as a side-board in our dining room. I trust in science, and I think that the function of nature is beautiful and enriching, and I like to connect myself to nature with symbols and personal rituals (mostly just quiet meditation on the greenery and weather I see everyday). The altars help me connect, but I haven't taken the time to make any significant arrangements on it since Winter. I have an Easter basket for next Spring, anyway, and I'm trying to think of an easy altar arrangement to signify the approach of summer, using what I have and what I can collect out doors. The best part about all of this is spiritual enrichment requires no money or resources, only your mind. I don’t feel stressed at all when I dream about wire-wrapping some of the stones I have, or blessing them in the smoke of beeswax candles.

The desk currently has a pirate-themed plastic tablecloth on it, since it serves as an actual side-board when we have parties... It could use a little tidying up. So could the whole apartment, for that matter. No excuses, I must clean up if/when I get bored this evening!

From last fall, there are less computers and bags, and more candles now.
I want to change up the photo arrangement, maybe rotate them out for some posters or other photos, but I don't have a lot that I want to display and I'm not great with figuring out how to arrange them. All of the photos were taken and printed by me while I was in university.

So, this blog post has nothing to do with anything I thought I’d write about today, but that’s okay. I was on a roll and I’m happy with the result!

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