Monday, May 14, 2012

Photographing my first wedding

Just over a week ago, I drove down to Maryland with Boyfriend for my aunt’s wedding. Back in March, discussing the wedding plans with Vera, I offered to take some photos for her and she graciously accepted. Day of the wedding, I was feeling pretty nervous, wondering how intrusive I could be without actually being intrusive. I saw that a few other people in the crowd (very small “audience” at the ceremony, less than 20 people at a guess) had cameras as well and felt a bit less intimidated.

That's about half of the guests.


I moved around the people to get better angles during the ceremony and got a few shots that I’m very proud of.

There were moments where I realized having a second shooter working with me (a copy of me, so they’d know what I wanted!) would have been ideal.

After the ceremony, we had cake and then some formal posed pictures. I hadn’t really thought about how to handle this, seeing as I’m well familiar with not being comfortable smiling on cue, but everyone kept saying I was doing really well. We tossed jokes around to keep everyone smiling.

I started to feel more comfortable, and kept my eye open for some beautiful candid shots.

Of course, the other huge part of taking photos for an event like a wedding is the editing process! You will probably notice some inconsistency in colors with the photos I have up, and that is because with every batch of photos I got through (I shot in RAW so I had to at least save them in a useable image file format), I would learn something new about a better way to edit the photos and have to go back and adjust all of the others! It’s a slow process and I’d still like to go back and re-edit just about all of them. I would love to be able to shoot another event such as this, especially a family one so that I have an advantage with being familiar and comfortable with the subjects. Next time, I hope to have a non back-lit location so that the colors are easier to edit! I placed the subjects in the sunniest spot I could find so they were lit from the side, since having the light behind me would have shown the garage in the background.

You can view all of the photos (most of them, at least, until I finish uploading tonight!) here on my Flickr account.

My history with photography

I’ve been taking pictures of my family and my life since I was around 10 yrs old and got my first point-and-shoot film camera. Since then, I’ve been the “picture-taker” in my family and amongst my friends. I’ve often found that I will only find photos of myself from events if I hand someone my camera or take one myself! I love documenting events around me and reviewing those photos years later. For the most part, I prefer to stick with a photo-journalistic style, just capturing things as they happened, and not how I wished they had. My current camera is a Sony alpha 33 with a kit lens. I’d really like to get a Canon Rebel, as I’ve mostly heard those praised as a great starter D-SLR for quality cameras, but that is many thousands of dollars in savings away.

You can view some of my favorite photos (that I’ve taken) on my deviantART page.

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