Wednesday, May 30, 2012

History in photographs

My interest in photography must have started before I was 10, but it was at about that age that I got my first point-and-shoot film camera, a simple Kodak. I wonder if my parents regretted it, with the money they would spend on film for me afterwards (I moved to digital in 2002 so they would only have had to suffer for about 4 years).

In high school, photography was an outlet for me. I shared on DeviantART and got some attention from random people around the world, but nothing in the ways of “internet fame”. I don’t think I was looking for it, either, which is probably healthy for a 14-16 year old teenaged girl. I was severely depressed for several years in high school and taking and editing my photos allowed me to distract myself and find something beautiful in a world that was otherwise dull and pointless.

eye and tear bw

In 2003, I got an edited photo published on the cover of my high school’s literary magazine, and again with another the following year. Up until I applied to Clark University the fall semester of my senior year (got in early decision), I was fairly certain I might apply to a photography school. Looking back, I’m glad I didn’t, though I’m not convinced my degree in English Lit with a specialization in Gender Studies wasn’t a complete waste.

More recently, I’ve been asked by some family members and friends what happened to my interest in photography as a career. I’m not sure I ever seriously considered trying to make a living off of it (after chatting with my photography professors at Clark, I know it’s not the most glamorous or monetarily fulfilling job), but I would definitely consider it a hobby. I’m pretty slow about learning and making changes to my photographic habits, but shooting my aunt’s wedding was a nice reminder that it’s something I love and, also, am not terrible at.

I don’t think I’ll ever “go into the business”, but it’s something I love doing and sometimes I need a reminder of that. I am still editing photos from my aunt’s wedding and still learning from the process, and seriously enjoying it.

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