Monday, April 23, 2012

Monday ramblings


My tattoo is coming along beautifully. The outline healed with no trouble, it was done peeling within a week. I went in to get some shading & “gray” (watered down black with white, I had fun watching Elize mix the ink and load up the needles) done. The depth that was added just from gray is absolutely amazing. I keep going in with really no idea what it’s going to look like, and then I’m blown away at how beautiful my tattoo is and how talented my artist is! I have to say, getting it filled was MUCH more painful than the outline. Someone suggested this might be that, when outline and filler are done in one sitting, filling is much less painful because your skin has time to release endorphins, but filling on its own is a lot of swapping around to different areas. I’m not sure how accurate that is scientifically, but it’s not deterring me from toughing it out and finishing up this beauty! I’m on day 3 of healing and the shaded areas are still very red and sore, much like a sun burn. I wonder how soon it will start to peel.

I am definitely considering covering up my first tattoo sometime this year, but there are a lot of other things I need to dedicate my income to once this is done, so I will have to use a lot of will-power to not schedule another appointment until at least after September! Realistically, I should wait at least a year after this one is done before I get another. As much as I want both of my tattoos to be beautiful, I really need that money sooner rather than later, and I don’t even know what I want to cover “hope” with anyway. All I know is it will probably be a flower (TBD) and I think I would like to include some dew drops and a honey bee on/flying to it. I’d like to leave it open enough that it could work into a chest piece, if I decide to get one someday (would require me picking some kind of theme I think, though I immediately think of skeleton keys).


I have a cat, but she doesn’t live with us, she’s been living with my parents (and their cat and dog). Her name is Fae, and she’s a super fat calico, and terribly affectionate. After doing some reading on feeding domestic cats a raw meat-based diet, I’ve decided that it’s time to take that kitty in and put her on a diet! Of course, this isn’t going to be your usual weight-control kibble diet. I can’t afford to feed her raw, and that requires a fair amount of transition, money, and attention to detail (making sure she gets enough offal as well as muscle meat and bone), so for now I’m going to swap her to grain-free kibble, and eventually, grain-free wet food. This will be as close as I can get her to an all-meat diet. Why standard cat food contains veggies, fruits, and grains, is beyond me. “Chicken dinner” flavored cans of cat food drive me nuts: they’re not people! They are cats! Last year, at her annual vaccination, she weighed in at a healthy 13 lbs. The vet noted that she has a lot of muscle (has been an indoor/outdoor cat since we got her 8 years ago), but I’m pretty sure she’s a lot fatter this year (check-up is on Thursday so I’ll find out soon). My land-lady has requested that she be on flea control (Frontline or something similar) all-year round and remain an indoor cat, so as soon as I can set aside the money for some basic essentials (food, litter, litterbox with cover because she kicks it all over the place, scoop, bowl, flea control, scratching post or strip of carpet or something), she’s coming to the apartment! It will be nice to have a cat presence around again, I have missed that.

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