Monday, April 30, 2012

Links for the hell of it

No one should be punished for living in a body that fails to meet certain cultural standards, and no one should be rewarded for living in a body that does.

  • Bullied 'more prone to self-harm' – I would say that I was definitely bullied by friends in elementary school. There’s definitely a fine line between friendly teasing back and forth, and inappropriate semi-hostile teasing (better called “hazing”) that’s fairly one-sided. I found myself “pushed over” by multiple friends at the same time, and later by one over-bearing friends, over and over throughout my childhood. This is something I hope to be more attentive to with my own children someday.
  • Loves me a good Derby – There are always some fun t-shirt designs here. Check ‘em out!

Edited to add:

  • Dr. Bacon is awesome – Paleo curing diabetes? I think so.
  • Paleo curing Autism? F-yes – This dude is awesome. Go read him being awesome. I am a firm believer that autism and many other mental and mood disorders can be attributed to poor gut health. Experiment with yourself, what have you got to lose except a bad attitude?

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