Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Forecast: optimistic.

Upcoming events that I’m looking forward to

  • April 13 – Pay day! Because that’s always worth looking forward to.
  • April 14 – a couple of birthdays for people close to me (one I will be seeing…the other is my grandmother, who I will call)
  • April 15 – Orthodox Easter! I will be eating lots of meat and drinking some booze over at my parents’ house. It’s usually a good time :)
  • April 21 – First filling appointment for my tattoo. We’ll be starting with the gray and muted tones. The last appointment (after this one) will be for the highlights (some reds & golds). My last appointment will probably be around May 12th.
  • April 27 – another pay day! This one is important because it helps me determine my budgeting for the next month (because I’ll know for sure how much $ I have at the end of the month).
  • May 4 – My aunt is getting married down in Maryland so Boyfriend and I will be making the long trek down. it should be a nice weekend, visiting with cousins & their kids, whom I’ve never met!
After that is nothing too exciting (aside from finishing my tattoo) except for following-up with my allergist, a wedding on June 9, and my birthday June 18. I’ll have to come up with some plans so I have more to be excited about!

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