Friday, March 09, 2012

Planning for stardom

Yesterday I had some more thoughts on where I want this blog to go. Considering some of the topics covered, I don’t think this is the blog I’d want to “go live” with. I’ve been sharing links to it around the interwebz, with friends, family, strangers, on forums… But the question of sharing with a co-worker came up and I suddenly wasn’t comfortable with the idea of them reading about my struggles with depression and anxiety. It’s the first time I’ve ever really considered that maybe there are some things I shouldn’t write about freely online.

I still haven’t come to any real decision about networking a blog, what I’d want to write about, and who I’d want to share it with, but I think it might come down to a blog dedicated to depression & anxiety related things (and how my experiences with nutrition, being primal/paleo, tie into that), and another one for networking, sponsorship etc. Maybe I’m thinking about this too much. When I read through popular blogs, it seems like they kind of had greatness “thrust upon them” at some point. Somebody linked and they blew up over night. Maybe not over night, but most of these people had a small readership to begin with and it grew overtime. It doesn’t seem like they really planned for stardom, so maybe it’s silly of me to do so. Then again, maybe they just didn’t write about their plans :)

Today's entry was fueled by OK Go's "Don't Ask Me".

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