Friday, February 03, 2012

Self challenge!


I am tired today, but hello.

Obsessing over: …secret research. No one but the boyfriend is allowed to know about it. It involves lots of pretty things, though, I promise you.

Working on: Tiding up my cubicle today…but it’s small and I don’t really have anything in it, so I’m pretty much done. Lately I’ve been working on recognizing when my moods are controllable, or not.

Thinking about: A wonderful future ahead of me, full of adventures and challenges.

Anticipating: The deliciousness that will be tonight’s Meatzza dinner!

Listening to: The soft splashes of tea as I pour another cup from my teapot, the hum of the multi-function printer around the corner, other people typing around the office, distant conversation.

Eating: Previously mentioned tea (decaf green ginger peach). I ate lunch ridiculously early so no more eating until dinner!

Wishing: I had managed to put down The Dresden Files a little earlier last night. It’s such a great series!


Linking up with The Paper Mama for her Self Photo Challenge!

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