Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Things I’d like to thrift

  • Tea cups – to make tea cup candles! I’d love to have some little espresso cup candles to put around the apartment.
  • Mugs – I only need one, to keep at the office. I hate throwing out those paper cups at work after one use, and I usually have at least one cup of tea a day. Alternatively, I bring my clay teapot w/ strainer & matching cup to work & get some loose leaf tea.
  • Frames – I don’t really care what kind, I just need frames! I have an arrangement of approximately eight 8x10” black and white photos (taken and printed by me) in the dining room and it pains me to see them just tacked up there with painters tape (it comes off finished surfaces like photos and posters very easily). I would love to get a variety of frames and paint them all either matching colors or complementary colors to use around the apartment. I’m tired of it looking like a college kid’s place with posters on the walls, I’m done with that. I’ve graduated, literally.
  • Shoes – I am falling in love with minimalist shoes. After years of looking for shoes with proper “arch support” for my elegant high arches (read: pain in the ass, sometimes literally), I did some reading on the minimalist shoe movement (is it really a movement?) and am finding that I can stand and walk for much longer and much more comfortably in simple shoes. My skate sneaks are pretty comfortable, but I could really use some plainer and more easily match-able shoes to wear from day to day in the office. Perhaps ideally I’ll get some shoes to leave in the office so I can show up in boots (if the snowy season ever gets here) and swap for the day. I’m also really going to need some better walking shoes for our vacation to Washington DC in March.

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