Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Fashion, baby.

I completely abandoned one of last year’s goals which was to change up my wardrobe and style. I’ve kind of lost myself in casual office-wear since starting this job. At Sony, we had to wear black or white button-up shirts (I had some button-up shirts and a polo, mostly black, because I look AWFUL in white) with dark jeans or black pants. I got used to that uniform so I started with those kinds of clothes in the office, but eventually I realized it wasn’t a big deal for me to branch out a little as long as I wasn’t wearing anything inappropriate (read: revealing or with suggestive graphics), torn, or super casual. Now that it’s cold out, I cycle between the same 3-4 sweaters throughout the week, alternating pairs of jeans (and now some slacks that fit me again), paired with my mukluk-style faux-fur boots, combat boots, or flowery skater sneaks. It gets boring.

I still haven’t started sewing again with any regularity. One of my weekend goals is to go through my closet THOROUGHLY and dig out anything I don’t wear, don’t like, or doesn’t fit, and sort accordingly. Anything in good condition will get bagged for donation, and anything that needs adjustment will get set aside, all together, so that I can eventually get around to fixing them. I think I might wear my button-up shirts more often if they fit better (just need some pinning around the waist for the most part), but I’m not sure about the white shirts. Those might get a special pile of their own called “maybe I can dye these…someday..”. I hate to be wasteful with clothes since I can’t afford new ones, but it’s still wasteful to hold onto something I’m not using.

There are little aspects to my current wardrobe that always make me feel less plain, likeGIANT HAND. and wow I look silly. adding one of my nice pashmina scarves (plus I get cold easily), or wear some rings. My skeleton key ring (it wraps around my right index finger) always gets compliments and I almost always wear it when I wear rings. It was a gift from an ex, but I feel like it’s part of my defining fashion. The rest of my fashion? Well. I don’t know. I’ve been told I’m many things (emo, punk, goth) over the years, but I’ve never felt like I could claim the tag with any real credit. I dress comfortably. I like bohemian, punk and goth-inspired accents. I just dress like me.

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