Friday, November 11, 2011

Weekend goals

  • Make use of the apartment’s basement space for the first time. I’ll be stashing my bicycle down there and I think there are some sewing things that could go down there as well (easier to access than the back of my deep closet).
  • Mod the scooter: I bought a derestricted drive face boss (it goes by many names…) and installing that should allow my scooter to run a bit faster. Here’s hoping! I would still like to get a different spark plug (titanium) because they’re supposed to be awesome, but that’ll wait till next paycheck.
  • Clean the garage: It’s that seasonal time again. This is always fun.
  • Visit the craft store: it was suggested to me that I cover some foam boards in fabric for cheap and easy decorations, but I can also use them as for a bulletin/message board with thumb tacks or by criss-crossing ribbon to tuck paper behind. I think one of these would be perfect for the kitchen, for receipts, grocery lists & whatnot. I don’t have any scrap fabric (or t-shirts), so that would also mean visiting a fabric store!

And in other thoughts…

I love looking in the mirrors on my scooter and seeing a cloud striated sky and the beautiful variations in leaf color. This is the best time of year to be on the scooter, in my opinion. Of course, I would miss out on this for a number of reasons if I ever moved to the West coast, but there would be pluses to that, like not having to supplement Vitamin D!

Tomorrow I see Manchester Orchestra for the second time (note to self: pick up ear plugs) and enjoy being outside cleaning the garage. It should be a good weekend!


  1. I'd love to go to the craft store (Joanne or Michaels). Let me know if you want company and when you are thinking about going!

  2. If I don't fail at getting out of bed, I'd like to go Saturday AM and see what Playtime has, and then proceed to the next closest place for fabric (whichever is in Burlington?). Company would be awesome!