Wednesday, October 05, 2011


I was recently blessed with the opportunity to meet one of my favorite authors: Laini Taylor. She is from Portland, OR, and this was her first book tour, so of COURSE I made tons of excuses until my sister basically told me she was taking me. Done. Except that I had to feed her after.

I panicked about rush hour traffic. I panicked about getting there on time. It was fine.

I don’t even mind that the picture we took came out blurry because you can still tell it’s her, and me.

Laini Taylor, her hair and me!

Laini discussed her new book, “Daughter of Smoke & Bone”, which I got signed (fan-girl squee!) and dutifully read over two days following, as well as her writing process. It was fascinating to hear the live voice of someone I’ve been reading about (in blog form and through books) for years. She sounds exactly the way she writes! She also appears to be a very kind and humble person. She insisted that she was blushing when she read us a section of chapter three, but my face was as red as her hair is pink when I asked her a question! I asked if she’d ever had the opportunity to meet one of her favorite authors, she said yes, at ComiCon, and then asked if I had. Obviously, the answer was “You!” and I think she and I were equally embarrassed. I feel like there were a million more questions I could have asked and would like to ask her, but at that moment, I could think of nothing. Hearing her speak, she reminded me of creative writing professors I’ve had and made me want to start writing again. I am not blessed as she is, however, with a grace with words or the ability to speak to one’s characters. I think part of my problem is that I write too much on myself and don’t allow for adaption.

It was a little odd to be in the presence of someone that I envy from afar. She has a beautiful family, a beautiful home, and a successful career as a writer. These are all things that I have (at least once) hoped to have someday. The career as a writer is a long ways off, since I don’t do much creative writing these days, and when I do, I tend to get lost after the first few pages. I tend to write best in short-form, but I don’t usually like reading short stories! She also has amazing dedication: I had pink hair for ~9 months and loved it, but I got tired of it after a while and decided to go “professional”. My hair has now been natural and boring for two years. Laini has had pink hair…well, I don’t even know, but all of the pictures available of her online have pink hair!

I have to admit, I got incredibly nervous when I entered the bookstore (which, if you ever are in that area, should check out; it’s super cute) and saw Laini and her pink hair chatting with other attendees to the reading. She seems like the most kind-souled person, but I turned into a shy fan-girl and did not approach her. I don’t regret it, though. I still got an autograph, a picture, and the possibly once-in-a-lifetime chance to meet one of my favorite authors!

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