Friday, September 16, 2011

Must be a lie.

This cool, ideal-Autumn-like weather has made me nostalgic for fall at Clark University and autumns past. It reminds me of having short, spikey, brightly-dyed hair and how I miss that and am constantly tempted to do it again, but don’t because of the ridiculous upkeep required. I never bothered to bleach my roots before, but now I think Fall of 2008, wearing a jacket I made and pants I embellished.I would. It reminds me of my Clark-fashion, and makes me wonder if I could get away with some of those outfits here in the office. Combat boots paired with something nicer, maybe, but the Harley Quinn leggings probably wouldn’t pass even with a nice tunic or long shirt.


The only goal for the year that I feel like I’m slacking on is my wardrobe. I realized today, yet again, that now I have access to my sewing machine and SPACE so I should really go ahead and take in the legs on those jeans, or trim that dress into a long shirt, or make a pattern from that shrug so I can make another from old sheets in a different color. Easy stuff, but I just keep not doing it.

  • Goals for the weekend: visit Vitamin Shoppe in Harvard Square for fish oil (can’t decide if I want capsules or liquid: NIKA WANT TO COME) & 5HTP (supplement that’s supposed to help with depression). Get synthetic oil for scooter engine & change oil. Bring steamer trunk from parents’ house over to apartment to use a coffee table (and storage!) Go to BJs Wholesale and buy a microwave and/or vacuum or something else that we definitely NEED, but is maybe a bit more expensive. Do something crafty, even if it’s just trimming that dress into a shirt.

I’ve decided to theme the living room by “travel”. My Le Chat Noir poster is fairly appropriate, being French and thus not from this country. The steamer trunk would really tie it all in…y’know, once I find other things to hang up. I still like the red-orange/brown color scheme I first envisioned, to match that poster, but I can’t think of how to make it work for the whole room and what kind of art-work would tie it together.

I think I’ll paint my nails Hallowe’en-y soon.

What to do/be for Hallowe’en? My office mates are cool enough that a simple costume would probably be well-tolerated. Last year I was Captain Hammer and boyfriend was Dr. Horrible. I made both costumes. They were awesome and we had fun going out to a club for some drinking and dancing. I can’t drink as much now, it just doesn’t sit well with me and I have little interest. As usual, I want to make something, but I will probably not allow myself enough time to prepare something. I’d really rather go to a house party than a club, but I doubt anyone I know is hosting one. I have absolutely not idea how I want to dress, let alone character or costume.

Today I learned why motorcyclists wear chaps: my thighs were freezing on the way to work. If I can make some fleece-lined chaps, I would totally sport those on my way to and from work on the scooter. That would definitely require that I purchase a storage hub for the scooter (and additionally, a bigger cover to accommodate for it), which could be up to or around $80. I also DEFINITELY some lined gloves. My fingers were burning as they adjusted to the heat in the office: never a good sign. I also learned of the scooter-skirt phenomenon, which I promise I will never wear.

(Subject from Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeroes’ “40 Day Dream”)

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