Wednesday, August 24, 2011

You lean and open mine before I can turn the key

Things I’ve been thinking about lately:

  • Migraines – ugh I’ve had a butt-load lately and they’ve been very bad. My doctor believes it’s a combination of sinus headaches and migraines. Based on some of the congestion I’ve had, I think that makes sense. Excedrin: Migraine is the only thing that is working right now, but I can still feel the pain creeping around in my head, just waiting for it to wear off.
  • Caffeine – There is caffeine in Excedrin: Migraine, I guess that’s part of how it is effective…something about aiding absorption of the other drugs. Taking it first thing in the morning gets me somewhat wired, which is nice for productivity and multi-tasking (THINKING? CLEARLY? What is this???), but not for steady hands. Installing hard drives with shaky hands = er….oops?
  • Kitties – Mr. Boyfriend & I are going to get a kitten together! If I had the option to have Fae living with us AND a kitten, I would love that, but the lady we are talking to about an apartment doesn’t want more than one (and it has to be flea/tick treated April-Oct). Maybe after a year or so, if she still loves us, we can have more than one. At least Fae & Kishka (family cat) seem happy bothering each other at my parents’ house.
  • Apartment – Oh yeah…SHE’S WRITING UP A LEASE AAAAAHHHH!!!! So excited. I won’t believe this is happening until we have the keys in hand. Boyfriend is arranging the move-in details so we can get moved in ASAP. I’ll have a real sized freezer! A clean kitchen & bathroom! My own couch/floor to flop on! And some really cool closets. I hope I can get some pictures of it empty, otherwise I’ll just hand the camera over to boyfriend and hope he gets some decent pictures. Things we still need to ask about: snow removal, appliance maintenance.
  • Stuff – Oh yeah. We need a lot of stuff. I updated that entry recently. Who wants to donate stuff? I should probably add vacuum… Did I mention we’ll need a washer & dryer?
  • Fall – I love Autumn weather. We had a couple days of it, and it’s starting to cool off in the evenings, which makes me go into extreme hibernation mode. We even bought hot chocolate!…and ate ice cream with it. Can it be fall now? It’ll be that much closer to allergy season being over!

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