Friday, August 26, 2011

More scooter thoughts, and MOVING.

Riding a scooter to work practically everyday (and on weekends around town) for 2 months now has given me a new perspective on Masshole drivers. My gods, they are awful! I’m sorry, but my scooter maxes out at 28mph right now, and the speed limit is 30mph. There’s a double-yellow and I am in the middle of the lane. There is even a “No Passing” sign. SO WHY ARE YOU PASSING ME? People even pass me to, get this, get into the turn lane. Did I slow down? Did I put on my blinker? Did  I make any indication that I would be, at the same speed you’ll be making it, making a turn there? NO I DID NOT, FOOL.

I try not to let my road-rage get the better of me and have gotten better at laughing off people’s poor driving habits instead. It’s a very odd sound, laughing out-loud to yourself in full-face helmet. Sneezing is also very odd. I saw how bad these drivers were when I was driving the boyfriend’s car, but when you are so exposed and so limited (by speed and acceleration), you really start to see the asshole in the Masshole.

The funniest part about people passing me is that, in rush hour, we ultimately end up at the same place anyway: stuck behind other cars or at a light. Yeah, you got there faster! Good job! Uh…you’re probably going to get where you’re going in the same amount of time whether I’m behind you or in front of you, buddy. I try to restrain myself and not flip people off, but I might start waving at them to see if I can confuse them. Oh, and if you MUST pass me illegally, just do it safely, okay? Yesterday, someone passed me at a light. We were stopped, and I kept to the right because, while unmarked, the area is large enough for two lanes. They occupied the left “lane”, but a full car-length back from me. And then proceeded to shoot forward at the turning of the light. Why not just pull up next to me and wave? Then I would start off a bit slower instead of having to slow down to avoid your stupid ass.

On the moving front:

I am in MAJOR planning mode. Note: This is kind of a specialty of mine. Now, I do forget things, that is inevitable, but making lists helps a lot and I am SO READY to make lists. This weekend, I am going to box up/pile up all the stuff still at my parents’ house so it is ready to get picked up next week on move day (probably Sept. 1st). I am going to make a list of things that need to get picked up, and * anything that doesn’t have to go if the movers run out of energy (fortunately, that’s most of the things at my parents’ house except for my few kitchen items). Wednesday night, I will move as much as I can downstairs so it is easier to access. Before Thursday (actually, probably after laundry this weekend), I will plan out of my outfits for the rest of the week so I can pack up the rest of my clothes in duffle bags and trash bags.

I’ve stopped getting more than 5hrs of sleep every night because I am just too damn excited to sleep. I keep planning and thinking of things we need to get that I forgot to write down somewhere (dish rack), and trying to decide where my posters will go and what photographs I want to display (thinking of doing a b&w photo arrangement in the dining room with simple frames).

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