Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Ain’t that some shit!

How am I still managing to remain hopeful about apartments in the midst of tens of viewings (I don’t know how many we’ve gone to at this point over the last year…definitely over 10 I’d guess) and declined applications and skeevy rental agents? I have no idea, but even faced with an inexperienced landlady and negotiations on price/move-in date, I feel pretty good about the situation. If we don’t get it/decide not to go for it, there will be more listings to follow up on. Obviously, we hope those listings will be sooner rather than later…

I think it’s the prospect of a future. In that future, I’ll buy kettlebells and do workouts in the living room a few times a week. We’ll have room for non-perishable food and a freezer for stocking up on good deals. We can have Fae and maybe a kitten to keep us company and keep away the bugs and mice. How wonderful would it be to have a couch or spare bed to offer to guests and friends once in a while? And not fighting with other people to do laundry…oh, the possibilities.

Eating well seems to help my recovery time with poor sleep. Last week, I was in Santa Barbara for training for my job. I had no problems going back 3 hours, but going back to East Coast time resulted in two nights of 12 hours of sleep, and then 4hrs, and then 6. I’m functioning surprisingly well considering the combined 10hrs of sleep I’ve had over the past two nights. I really hope I can beat the “second wind” I keep getting around 11:30pm. I should really get to bed by 11 if I want to get up for 7!

Weekend goals:

-Go to Whole Foods and look for good protein powder

-Buy some fresh fruit (strawberries?)

-Play with family dog

-Be stress-free!

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