Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Resolutions - revisited

I decided to revisit my resolutions for 2011 and discovered that I'm actually doing pretty well!

-Start exercising regularly: I'm swimming at the local gym, though not as regularly as I'd like. It's a start at least. I have completely slacked off with keeping track of all this though, and would really like to get back to jotting down how many laps I do every session, for how long etc.
-Keep up with driving practice: I drove to work every day for at least the first month at my job, I think. Then I got my scooter, so I've been riding that, but I did quite well. And then this past weekend, I drove over 200 miles on the highway! Cruise control is love. I'm quite proud of myself for these accomplishments. I know that I still need practice, but at this point, that will come as I continue driving.
-Move out: yeeaahhh not any closer with this than I was before. I have the money, but we're not sure if our potential roommate is really in on this venture, and we can't find anything in an area/price range that suits us that doesn't get snatched off the market immediately.
-Keep improving my moods etc.: I'm still going to therapy, still taking Lexapro, still doing okay. Overall, I think I'm doing well here.

And the things I just kind of wanted:
-I got a laptop when the Sony store closed, woooo!
-I have the money for the tattoo, and a better idea of what I want, but just don't feel like bothering to get it right now.
-My mom was shocked that I *wouldn't* take my cat when I move out. So I guess if we can find a cat friendly apartment, Fae will come with us!

I feel like I should add some more resolutions/goals for the year, since I'm knocking these out pretty well. Hmmm...

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