Saturday, February 26, 2011

All things must pass.

My store is closing and I'll be unemployed by March 31st. The store is open till March 20th, and after that, we get to clean up. I at least got a few good things out of this: excellent job experience, more for my resume, hopefully awesome references, and an awesome camera. My dad got a super awesome, super cheap TV. I also made new friends that I hope I can keep in touch with =)

The biggest thing that scares me at this point is finding a new job, not having no money (I am going to file for unemployment later in the month). I am also pretty disappointed that I will not get the opportunity I was dreaming of to really show off how well I've done in this position. I had hoped to get an opportunity to move to San Diego and work in corporate, but now I can't (I can't even apply to work for Sony for the next year). Sigh. Life goes on, and I'm taking it surprisingly well!

I only wish that we could have an apartment by now, but of course, the search must be put on hold.