Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Resolutions and wishes

-Start exercising regularly in some form or another (definitely make that swimming every day in the summer).
-Keep up with driving practice (I've had my license for 4 1/2 years but haven't really driven much since then, so I built up a huge fear of it and get super anxious when I drive on multi-lane roads).
-Move out.
-Keep improving my outlook & moods by going to therapy and keep trying with the meds.

And not so much resolutions or goals as they are things I’d just like to do:

-Save up enough for a laptop (probably a used one that I’d improve on my own) $500-850.
-Save up enough for at least one small tattoo, if not the sunflower I've been dreaming of for years, expecting anywhere up to $500 for that.
-Get a bunny or take my cat with me when I move out =D (I don't think my parents will let me take her though, they are very attached).

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