Friday, October 01, 2010


I'm in Paramus, New Jersey, taking a break from nothing happening to write. Training for my job is going well, I think. There's just a lot to remember, and it will take time before I remember exactly what to enter in the system for each scenario (in-warranty, extended service plan, out of warranty...exceptions to all those etc.). Until I learn it, I have a giant binder with all the SOPs which tell me what to do and save my butt if someone tries to call me out for messing up.

Reminder: I should talk to my counselor about my feelings of gloominess and not wanting to eat. I think this is largely due to spending my evenings alone (I am very used to being with Mr. Holcomb at that time) with nothing to do but watch TV or read (that's not so bad since I have Vampire Hunter D [[swoon]], Gabe you would like these books), also being inside so much. I was very happy and energetic this summer, probably because I was outside and active, swimming, every day. It was great. I miss it. There's no way around it now, sadly, as my job keeps me sedentary and in-doors for at least 50 hrs every week (that's 40 with an approximation of time spent travelling to and from work).

As tasty as room service food has been, I am tired of eating alone to the point that I just want to skip eating and catch up on sleep. Something has been waking me up between 4 and 5am everyday since staying at this hotel, but I haven't heard anything upon waking except for the occasional, usual, hallway noises. I think I'm next to a laundry room though, maybe they run loads of laundry around then.

I'm looking forward to having a stress-free, get-off-at-the-last-stop train ride back to Boston on Sunday. Even more, I'm looking forward to getting picked up by my dearie with my name on a sign.

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