Saturday, October 09, 2010

October ills

It's interesting being new to my job and observing the performance and interactions of my co-workers from an outside/relatively unbiased perspective. I can see how a lot of the people working here are somewhat...jaded. I feel like I'm in a good position to make observations to my co-workers, but I can tell that it would not be well received, so I just hope that they pick up their acts soon so they don't get fired! I think most of them are not in danger of losing their jobs, but at the same time, if I was their boss, I wouldn't be all that pleased with their performance.

This job is reminding me how much more mature I am than a lot of people my age, and even people who are quite a bit older than me. Gods this whole entry sounds super conceited.

I am sick at work. I wish I could go home and sleep. There's definitely no chance of me getting out early =(. I finally got my air-conditioner out of my window last night, now I need to lug it to the basement (well "now" meaning when I feel better) or somewhere else for the winter, and clean that window. At some point, bugs lived in that window. I can't tell what kind, but there's lots of dried grass in the channels for the storm panes, and some old larvae nests or something. It's pretty gross, I used a stick to clean the channels on the other north-facing window. Nothing beats clean windows though, I feel like my room looks o much better now. I even took out the screens for the winter!

Tomorrow is Transporterfest. I'm looking forward to it, though there are some people that are probably going that I would rather not see. I don't think we'll stay too long; I just want to get some good pictures. I took some pictures I really liked last year, though they weren't much appreciated elsewhere. I find that's true for most of my photography, but I don't mind all that much. I'm doing what I like and keeping an open mind to try and learn to make it better. If it doesn't appeal to other people, that's their opinion, but if they think it's bad, I want to know why!

This entry is kind of rambling and pointless. I'm having a really hard time focusing on anything. sleeeeppppp pplelleeeaasseee


After work: I realized my biggest weakness at work. Aside from not knowing things, I have a hard time not getting pushed over when people don't want to pay for service. It's not that I'm going to give them free service (usually...I did that accidentally today), it's just that I'd rather provide them an alternate way of solving their problem so they can keep their money. I understand their plights, but we have a budget to meet which has not been met in a while, I think. I want to help my store, but I want to help these people, and I'm not sure where the balance is yet.

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