Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I just hang my head, say sorry, wouldn’t be the first time

Sssiiiggghh. I took today off from work to rest and somewhat failed at doing so. I’ve been sick for several days now and today was no different. I would have had more energy if it wasn’t for sleeping like absolute crap last night. I finally fell asleep again this morning for a few hours, but I’m worried about tonight. At least I have tomorrow off too, so I have another day to try and recover my sleep. And buying some jeans. Because I have one feminine pair and they do not fit. SIGH.october 436

I painted my sewing table. I painted the stencil on upside-down. yes, it makes a difference, because there is a pull-out section to the table and currently it pulls away from the elephant’s head, instead of away from its feet. You know what? I’m annoyed about it, but I think I’ll leave it. I just need to put some kind of finishing coat on it so the paint stops rubbing off when I wipe down the table. A little sanding might be in order, but I don’t know how much my room is going to like having paint dust in it. Anyway, I got my bookcases back up and reorganized the books on one of them. I like the arrangement and I even have some leftover room for whatever, which I’ve filled with books I borrowed from Holcomb and a bottle of wine I’ve been meaning to try. The other bookcase has only a few things on it, with room to expand, so that’s good for my messiness. What’s not good is that I have so many little items that just don’t fit anywhere that I really need to find places for. I would like my room to be in some semblance of order by the end of this year. That will make moving out (hopefully next year) so much easier. I will miss my purple room though, especially now that it’s a purple that I actually like!

I have nothing of interest to write about right now. I just wanted to make sure I remember that I always get grumpy when I come home after being at Holcomb’s, and I want to figure out why.

I’m missing you, I don’t want to. I’ll be missing you, I’m missing you, I don’t want to, but I will.

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