Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Dear Mr and/or Mrs sender

I bought a new mp3 player: a Zen Mozaic EZ300. I thought I was buying the regular Mozaic, I guess this model came after the original, and this newer model has some problems. Not every single player, but many of them, feature a lovely, frequent habit of skipping. This happens most after having the player plugged in to charge or load music from your computer. The heavy skipping after syncing can be remedied by restarting the player once, and regular skipping can be reduced by using a simple wallpaper, but other than that, it could happen randomly. I find the skipping pretty annoying and I’m glad I bought this used. I’ll get my $35-worth from it and move on. I am not sure what brand of mp3 player I’ll be looking into now, I’d rather not go the Apple route because their full-sized players are too big to me (physically and capacity) and well…it’s Apple.

We’ll see.

Today I can’t focus. There were several things I wanted to do, and I did some, but I had a hard time keeping going. There was just too much in my head. I went to therapy, I put my old mattress under my new mattress (now my bed is very weirdly squishy, not sure if I’m keeping it like that), I started fixing Holcomb’s Dr. Horrible lab coat (bought a “mad scientist costume” lab coat to start with ‘cause it had a nice button layout), I put a couple posters back up… What else? Laundry? I can’t think. I need to fix my bed somehow, but I don’t know how. At least I found my receipt.

Blargh, some other time. I need to fill up my written journal before Halloween so I can start writing in my sexy leather-bound journal I got at King Richard’s Faire. Oh yeah, I’m going again Sunday, aren’t I? I want my new shoes to come, but I only ordered them today.

And this mood right here is exactly why I want to get back on medication. Being stable. It’s invaluable.


  1. For some reason I thought you didn't want to go back on meds. My mistake I guess. Although, I feel terrible right now and I'm on them! Some days it just doesn't seem to do any good.

  2. I didn't until recently. Finally figured that if it's going to help me keep my moods stable, it's worth it. I think I do OK on my own, but now I've had a few years without and I think if I can find something that helps even a little, that would be great.