Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Dear Mr and/or Mrs sender

I bought a new mp3 player: a Zen Mozaic EZ300. I thought I was buying the regular Mozaic, I guess this model came after the original, and this newer model has some problems. Not every single player, but many of them, feature a lovely, frequent habit of skipping. This happens most after having the player plugged in to charge or load music from your computer. The heavy skipping after syncing can be remedied by restarting the player once, and regular skipping can be reduced by using a simple wallpaper, but other than that, it could happen randomly. I find the skipping pretty annoying and I’m glad I bought this used. I’ll get my $35-worth from it and move on. I am not sure what brand of mp3 player I’ll be looking into now, I’d rather not go the Apple route because their full-sized players are too big to me (physically and capacity) and well…it’s Apple.

We’ll see.

Today I can’t focus. There were several things I wanted to do, and I did some, but I had a hard time keeping going. There was just too much in my head. I went to therapy, I put my old mattress under my new mattress (now my bed is very weirdly squishy, not sure if I’m keeping it like that), I started fixing Holcomb’s Dr. Horrible lab coat (bought a “mad scientist costume” lab coat to start with ‘cause it had a nice button layout), I put a couple posters back up… What else? Laundry? I can’t think. I need to fix my bed somehow, but I don’t know how. At least I found my receipt.

Blargh, some other time. I need to fill up my written journal before Halloween so I can start writing in my sexy leather-bound journal I got at King Richard’s Faire. Oh yeah, I’m going again Sunday, aren’t I? I want my new shoes to come, but I only ordered them today.

And this mood right here is exactly why I want to get back on medication. Being stable. It’s invaluable.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I just hang my head, say sorry, wouldn’t be the first time

Sssiiiggghh. I took today off from work to rest and somewhat failed at doing so. I’ve been sick for several days now and today was no different. I would have had more energy if it wasn’t for sleeping like absolute crap last night. I finally fell asleep again this morning for a few hours, but I’m worried about tonight. At least I have tomorrow off too, so I have another day to try and recover my sleep. And buying some jeans. Because I have one feminine pair and they do not fit. SIGH.october 436

I painted my sewing table. I painted the stencil on upside-down. yes, it makes a difference, because there is a pull-out section to the table and currently it pulls away from the elephant’s head, instead of away from its feet. You know what? I’m annoyed about it, but I think I’ll leave it. I just need to put some kind of finishing coat on it so the paint stops rubbing off when I wipe down the table. A little sanding might be in order, but I don’t know how much my room is going to like having paint dust in it. Anyway, I got my bookcases back up and reorganized the books on one of them. I like the arrangement and I even have some leftover room for whatever, which I’ve filled with books I borrowed from Holcomb and a bottle of wine I’ve been meaning to try. The other bookcase has only a few things on it, with room to expand, so that’s good for my messiness. What’s not good is that I have so many little items that just don’t fit anywhere that I really need to find places for. I would like my room to be in some semblance of order by the end of this year. That will make moving out (hopefully next year) so much easier. I will miss my purple room though, especially now that it’s a purple that I actually like!

I have nothing of interest to write about right now. I just wanted to make sure I remember that I always get grumpy when I come home after being at Holcomb’s, and I want to figure out why.

I’m missing you, I don’t want to. I’ll be missing you, I’m missing you, I don’t want to, but I will.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Testing out Windows Live Writer

This entry is a test of the Windows Live Writer. I want to see how much better it is for entering pictures into my posts than just logging in online to write my blogs. Ok, this means I need something to write about, heh. Today I felt much better after being seriously sick with a cold yesterday. I’m still sniffley as all get-out (love that turn of phrase), but it’s nothing that a lot of Mucinex can’t help! Oh. I just ran out.october 060

I went to Transporterfest with my dad today. It was a nice father-daughter outting, and the people I didn’t want to see were polite and friendly/I didn’t talk to one of them at all! Sasha was well behaved and everybody loved her. “What kind of dog is she?” “She’s so cute!” “Can I pet your dog?!” Most people didn’t ask, which I think is not very smart in general. You never know what kind of dog you’re approaching, though hopefully, it’s friendly because it’s stupid owner brought it out in public in the first place.

My dad helped me get my bookcases back up today after painting. They look lovely on my newly purpled walls. I was able to clear out some books that I don’t want in here anymore, but haven’t loaded up my second bookcase yet. It previously had some make-up items, a speaker, and some odds and ends that had nowhere else appropriate to go. Now, I don’t know what to put there, but my room is in need of further, extensive cleaning and sorting. Soon, room, soon.

october 038Back to work tomorrow. I’m not really looking forward to it. The 12-8 shift is going to take some getting used to, especially when it’s followed by a 9-5 shift the next day. I guess I’ll have to try and get on a regular sleep schedule to take advantage of several hours free in the morning of 12-8 shifts! Poo.

Saturday, October 09, 2010

October ills

It's interesting being new to my job and observing the performance and interactions of my co-workers from an outside/relatively unbiased perspective. I can see how a lot of the people working here are somewhat...jaded. I feel like I'm in a good position to make observations to my co-workers, but I can tell that it would not be well received, so I just hope that they pick up their acts soon so they don't get fired! I think most of them are not in danger of losing their jobs, but at the same time, if I was their boss, I wouldn't be all that pleased with their performance.

This job is reminding me how much more mature I am than a lot of people my age, and even people who are quite a bit older than me. Gods this whole entry sounds super conceited.

I am sick at work. I wish I could go home and sleep. There's definitely no chance of me getting out early =(. I finally got my air-conditioner out of my window last night, now I need to lug it to the basement (well "now" meaning when I feel better) or somewhere else for the winter, and clean that window. At some point, bugs lived in that window. I can't tell what kind, but there's lots of dried grass in the channels for the storm panes, and some old larvae nests or something. It's pretty gross, I used a stick to clean the channels on the other north-facing window. Nothing beats clean windows though, I feel like my room looks o much better now. I even took out the screens for the winter!

Tomorrow is Transporterfest. I'm looking forward to it, though there are some people that are probably going that I would rather not see. I don't think we'll stay too long; I just want to get some good pictures. I took some pictures I really liked last year, though they weren't much appreciated elsewhere. I find that's true for most of my photography, but I don't mind all that much. I'm doing what I like and keeping an open mind to try and learn to make it better. If it doesn't appeal to other people, that's their opinion, but if they think it's bad, I want to know why!

This entry is kind of rambling and pointless. I'm having a really hard time focusing on anything. sleeeeppppp pplelleeeaasseee


After work: I realized my biggest weakness at work. Aside from not knowing things, I have a hard time not getting pushed over when people don't want to pay for service. It's not that I'm going to give them free service (usually...I did that accidentally today), it's just that I'd rather provide them an alternate way of solving their problem so they can keep their money. I understand their plights, but we have a budget to meet which has not been met in a while, I think. I want to help my store, but I want to help these people, and I'm not sure where the balance is yet.

Friday, October 01, 2010


I'm in Paramus, New Jersey, taking a break from nothing happening to write. Training for my job is going well, I think. There's just a lot to remember, and it will take time before I remember exactly what to enter in the system for each scenario (in-warranty, extended service plan, out of warranty...exceptions to all those etc.). Until I learn it, I have a giant binder with all the SOPs which tell me what to do and save my butt if someone tries to call me out for messing up.

Reminder: I should talk to my counselor about my feelings of gloominess and not wanting to eat. I think this is largely due to spending my evenings alone (I am very used to being with Mr. Holcomb at that time) with nothing to do but watch TV or read (that's not so bad since I have Vampire Hunter D [[swoon]], Gabe you would like these books), also being inside so much. I was very happy and energetic this summer, probably because I was outside and active, swimming, every day. It was great. I miss it. There's no way around it now, sadly, as my job keeps me sedentary and in-doors for at least 50 hrs every week (that's 40 with an approximation of time spent travelling to and from work).

As tasty as room service food has been, I am tired of eating alone to the point that I just want to skip eating and catch up on sleep. Something has been waking me up between 4 and 5am everyday since staying at this hotel, but I haven't heard anything upon waking except for the occasional, usual, hallway noises. I think I'm next to a laundry room though, maybe they run loads of laundry around then.

I'm looking forward to having a stress-free, get-off-at-the-last-stop train ride back to Boston on Sunday. Even more, I'm looking forward to getting picked up by my dearie with my name on a sign.