Wednesday, September 01, 2010

I lost my head

Life is getting busy again and I'm THRILLED. It's going to get harder to spend time with my dearest, of course, but considering how attached-at-the-fucking-hip we've been all summer, this is probably not such a bad thing. Soon he will be busy with school, so we can be blissfully busy together whilst apart. And earning money to boot!

I just priced out health insurance plans with my dad, from what Sony has to offer, and they are SO AFFORDABLE. I feel incredibly blessed that I found this job. So far, it has been pretty fun. The people at my store are very silly and have a fun rapport with one another. I am nervous about being accepted there, but I know I'm a nice and fairly likable person, if a bit odd. I was reminded today (by a co-worker watching YouTube videos with a customer...yeah) that I have a strange sense of humor compared to practically everyone I've ever laughed in front of...that's mostly because I'm usually laughing when others aren't and vice versa. I don't mind it though, I like seeing other people happy. I just wish I knew what makes me laugh a little better, aside from just "people".

And now, from this sleep deprived Tasha, time for reading and sleep. Zzzzzzzz.....

Oh yeah! I bought some Doc Martens for work. They are heavy and comfortable, I am going to try them out tomorrow! They're just black oxford-style. I hope I can make them as comfy as my old steel-toed boots used to be.

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