Sunday, August 29, 2010


I start work tomorrow, and work through Saturday (but not Tuesday) for a full, 40hr week! I am very nervous, but also really looking forward to keeping busy again, and earning some money in the process. I am not looking forward to walking to the bus-stop in my black pants and black, long-sleeved dress shirt, but at least it's only 10 min, and then the rest of my trip/day should be air-conditioned. I have mostly sorted out the bus schedules for the week, I am just terribly nervous that I'll miss my bus! The bus that goes to the mall from Arlington Center leaves about every half hour, at roughly the half hour, and on the hour. I have to catch the half-hour bus, to get to the mall on time, but only a bus on the hour would guarantee me getting to the store earlier than about 2 min. I am not sure how long it will take to get from the mall stop to the store, but 8-10 min is a little too close for comfort. So that means I get to take the bus that leaves about an hour before my shift, and have about 40 min at the mall Read? I need more reading material.

Anyway, my dad has a recurring monthly combo pass on his CharlieCard, meaning he pays a set fee per month and gets unlimited bus and subway rides for that month. I believe the only limitation is how frequently in succession you can swipe the card at the same location. So I could not swipe myself and then a friend, if we were both going to go on the subway, or the bus at the same time. My dad said I could borrow his card, but I will have to get a local bus pass for $40/mo during the winter, as he will not be riding his bike to work then. It's a pretty good deal nonetheless!

On Tuesday, I hope to go and get my hair trimmed, just to get rid of split-ends so it can keep growing out, and perhaps go apply for a new social security card, as mine has been misplaced (most likely somewhere in the house). The office is actually quite close, so I won't have to mail in my driver's license or my passport to get a replacement!

Today I helped my dad clean and tidy the garage. We set aside a LOT for throwing out, and there will be more going next weekend (gods willing) when the Beetle's new owner comes to get the parts I'm giving him. If he doesn't come...out they go! I am excited about the ease of access of our bikes. I am considering training up to bike to work, but I am not sure how feasible that would be with being able to change once I get there. The roads, at least, would be fairly safe, except once I get close to the mall. Once there, I'm not sure where I could leave my bicycle either. A 40 min, by-bike commute would be preferable to a 1hr 20 min commute/wait to ensure that I'm on time...but I might be able to cut that down to about 1hr if I can make it to the store once I'm at the mall in 8-10 min!

It call comes down to hoping the buses are reliable!


  1. the bike path goes right to burlington!! and then you can take all safe back roads to the mall! i've done it and it's not so bad. good luck!!
    - agnes

  2. Agnes, thank you! I am wary about biking because I'd have to ride on the Middlesex Turnpike (the road the mall is on) at the last stretch, and it really does not seem safe for bicycles. I am also not nearly fit enough to make it =\