Friday, August 27, 2010

Well, I guess I've had some major things happen in the past 24 hours or so. First, I wake up with the phone call I've been waiting for: a job at Sony Style Retail at the Burlington Mall! I start Monday, with paperwork and most likely some basics. I am nervous, and a bit excited, though I felt very NOT excited about it this morning. I guess the fact that my first real summer (carefree adventures, sleeping in, good times with loved ones, swimming etc.) in 3 years (or more?) is coming to a close hit me, and it made me pretty sad. I'll also have to say goodbye to my eyebrow piercing for the time being, and my nosering will have to disappear for work hours. A silly thing, to more aesthetics, but they've become a part of me.

Next, a nice young man came to look at my car, and we gabbed for a couple hours about it. It was great to
talk to someone who is in the state of mind that I was in three years ago, when I thought buying a car that needs work would be the BEST THING EVER. He is so enthusiastic, and about my car in particular, that I just had to sell it to him. So with some difficulties, the car ran again, and made it out of my driveway. All that's left is for me to take the plates to the RMV (hope I don't have to do much paperwork or anything), and sort out whatever parts I'm giving to this kid. I think it's going to be a lot, because I'd rather just get rid of the parts, than deal with selling things right now. It's just a PITA to list things online and negotiate prices and shipping blah blah blah. So I'm only going to bother for a few things, like the expensive carburetors I found in the garage! If I'm lucky, I can get a cool $100 extra for those!

Then, drama. Me
an people. Stupid people. I squarshed them in my mind like the moth I just squarshed on my desk. But then dinner was pretty tasty, and I had ice cream with hot fudge sauce for dessert, and I felt better about everything.

Car = SOLD!
Level up in life! +1 sense of accomplishment!


Oh, pumpkin ale update? Post Road Pumpkin Ale get's a ONE PUMPKIN out of five. It didn't taste pumpkiny at all, and in retrospect, wasn't even that good of a beer. It was a bit wheaty, but not in a very pleasant way. The smell was OK.

And for Shipyard's Pumpkinhead Ale: Reduced to THREE out of five pumpins, because it only tastes good warm. That's kind of silly. Even in the cooling weather, I prefer a cold beer, and it was disappointing to drink warm, delicious swill, instead of cool, delicious pumpkin ale. I guess they changed something from last year's brew. Perhaps we will find a good replacement this season!


  1. I never see anyone in that store, but now I'll have a reason to look!

  2. Oh and I hope you have a really great time working there, dumb me for forgetting that in the first comment :<