Sunday, August 15, 2010

Autumn is coming!

We found Shipyard's Pumpkinhead Ale in a liquor store in Davis Square today; this is an amazing sign because it means it is practically Fall, here in New England. Autumn is by far my favorite season of the year. I hope that it brings me a job and the ability to continue to rework my wardrobe. I've found my sense of style has changed a lot over the past four years, after not making many shifts during high school, but now that I have an idea of what I want, I can't afford it. Most of the changes I want to make are in color, as I'd like to make the shift to earth-tones instead of mostly black, but that still requires money, even if I'm going to try and make some things on my own.

I hope that Autumn also brings me continued good moods and good times. Some new friends would be cool. As much as I love hanging out with my dearest as much as I do, it would be great for us to have other people to hang with as well. Since school friends are not near enough, that leaves pretty much no one! Perhaps a job will help with that...either that or I'll earn more stalkers.

Back to the original topic: I think I am going to review some pumpkin ales this Fall with Holcomb. It'll be pretty informal, as I have no interest in keeping any sort of continuity, just sharing my opinions on the matter because I LOVE pumpkin ale.


Beer Co: Shipyard Brewing Co
Type: Pumpkinhead Ale
Logo: Green horse with green rider, with an orange jack-o-lantern head. Maybe he's supposed to be a statue?
Rating: ***** (5 pumpkins)
Thoughts: I love this ale! I remember from last year that this was my favorite out of the several (at least 5) other pumpkin beers I tried. This one tastes like a liquid pumpkin pie beer. It is fairly sweet, which I find to be a nice contrast to the generally wheaty taste of beers. This beer sets the standard for me, so all other beers will be compared to this one.

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