Friday, June 04, 2010

Go, Franzy, go!

In the decision to sell my car, many things have almost made me stop and reverse my decision. So many people have helped with this project, whether from wrenching, a donation of parts, or just some sympathy. I have felt guilty and like I'm letting all those people down by selling the car. They gave up time, money, and parts for me, and I'm just throwing it away for some more dough. But that is not the case, as I have been constantly reminding myself. These people helped me yes, but they GAVE these things to me. I do not owe them anything but gratitude in return, and I believe I have given it in all due cases.

So. Franz has been a great project, I learned a lot during the course of trying to make it work. Mostly of my own impatience. I like putting things together, but being a visual learner, I greatly dislike learning from reading books or having people tell me to "figure it out". I like to see how things are getting done, and then do it myself, or have someone guide me through it step by step. Next time, I probably will not undertake such an in-depth project. If the car was just running, it's entirely possible I'd keep it, but I just don't have the patience or funds to worry about it right now. Right now, I don't need a car. Franz was a great first, even though I really didn't get to drive it. That is probably the most disappointing part of the project, but I think I would rather learn to drive in a safer, sturdier, easier to handle car, than this one.

I hope that some kind, VW-enthusiast will buy the car from me and treat it with care. I hope that they will also buy a lot of the spare parts I have so that they are easier to get rid of...

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