Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Reading Laini Taylor's blog makes me happy: she has such a positive outlook and her accomplishments are wonderful to read about. Not only does she have the most spectacular pink hair, she writes amazing books and lives in the most beautiful, fairy-tale house.

So I am inspired to write here again, and to type about my goals. Today I picked up a card at an auto-shop that listed VWs on their sign. The man at the front desk did not seem to know what an "air-cooled Volkswagen" is, so I am slightly skeptical at their capabilities when it comes to *my* car in particular ('74 Baja Beetle, for anyone who doesn't know). Maybe they're not as specialized as I seem to think, but being old, it's not the kind of car that I would want just *anybody* working on. We'll see. Maybe I can ask them particular questions that will tell me if they can do the work or not. I just wonder how much it might cost to fix the engine (and maybe replace the e-brakes and do some transmission work).

The other option, of course, is to sell, but I don't think I could sell the car for much as it is now. I'm not even sure if it matters how much I'd sell it for either. Either the car is fixed in a huge way so that I can drive it and keep fixing it, or I sell it and wait to buy a car that needs less work and at least has functioning heat/engine/transmission, if not the most beautiful beast in the world.

Cleaning my room is progressing in all kinds of good ways. I am continuously trashing things and putting clothes in bags to donate them. Today I should be able to move my bed and desk around so I don't feel so cramped when sleeping. I'm going to buy an air-conditioner this week, as my room is the second hottest in the house (attic, my sister's room, being the worst, but she has an AC), and I don't even have a fan. The terrible insulation in this house probably makes it incredibly NOT energy efficient, in heat or cold. I could really use new windows too...much as I love the old glass panes, they suck the heat out in winter (and my radiator doesn't work), and pull it in during the summer.

-room cleaning
-possession inventorying/cleaning/purging
-new clothes (re-fit some t-shirts, buy some shorts, business casual outfits for interviews, NICE SANDALS)
-shades for my room? I hate vinyl blinds, but they would keep prying eyes out best/cheapest, most likely.
-paint something...I don't know what, but I feel like changing the color of *something*. My room, however, is staying purple for eternity.
-finish YA fantasy short-story. Put aside for a couple months. MASSIVE EDITS. Keep posting it. This is the only story I've ever felt could go somewhere, I feel like it belongs in a YA fantasay short-story anthology.
-sell books
-find things to sell
-clean out writing desk as much as possible for possible selling...or donating =(

Oh yeah. I graduated from Clark with a GPA of 3.21, and a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature, specialization: Gender Studies. I realize now that without my job at the Help Desk, I could have pulled off a MUCH higher GPA. I regret that a little...but I loved my job, and it was an excellent work experience. I got to rise through the ranks and experience a level of responsibility and maturity that most other students my age were not yet realizing. I am proud of myself for that, and selfishly wish that my endeavors at ITS could have been recognized at the ceremony or through some kind of grant or scholarship. Regardless, I am eternally grateful for the amazing learning experience ITS gave me, and all that I learned from the positions I worked there.

And now...finding a fan so I don't pass out as I keep cleaning. Goal for today: clean up enough so that I can set up my speakers to my stereo, and hook my stereo up to my computer!

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