Saturday, May 01, 2010

No music, just birds.

And for a classic "should be doing other things" post...a reflection of sorts.

Today I am feeling filled with content about my past and my future. I feel at peace with things done right and wrong. This past school year has had some huge downers, as well as some incredible highs, and I am embracing them all. From everything low, I learned, and from everything high, I am still feeling the glow. I feel that I worked as hard as I could in all aspects of my life, and whether my grades reflect this in the end, I am not worried.

This weekend is my last chance to print the photos I am in love with. I hope to have the chance (and extra paper) to print some photos for my family and myself as well. My photography final should be fun and relaxing, I am really looking forward to seeing the work from all of my classmates too. I keep thinking "Oh, well they've seen all of my work before", but I'm sure they don't remember it anyway, just as I don't completely remember theirs.

Beckie (co-worker) reminded me last night that wanting a better (ahem, shall we say "real") camera is not a bad thing. Working with a point and shoot is not really going to show ones photographic potential. I have found that working with my dad's old SLR this semester has been very beneficial in developing my skill. Having an actual focus (lens) to manipulate allowed me to create the photos I wanted. I feel rather proud. Hopefully things will work out for me and I can get a cheap D-SLR this year. Much as I enjoy printing my own photos, that can't happen past this weekend, so going back to digital is much more feasible.

Even though my computer is on the fritz and I rely on it so heavily, I am not really concerned anymore. I have no doubt that at some point, things will work out in my favor. Anyway, there are PLENTY of computers available for me to use at home, so it's not like I'll at any point be without the ability to write in a Word document or check my email.

Hm... That's all for now. Next week I am going to try to write two 7-page papers, one of which will probably be fairly difficult and time consuming, the other of which should be pretty easy. I hope to get them both done by the 7th, so I can pass them in, go home, and not come back till it's time to move out.

I have a desire to see empty rooms.

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