Monday, March 29, 2010

We were laughing in the sunshine.

For a number of weeks now I've been having a variety of exceptionally strange dreams and nightmares every single night. I can only recall one night recently after which I could not recall any dreams. I should probably just start recording them for entertainment value, they are pretty absurd. Except for the nightmares, those are not pleasant and I don't like to share them except when they upset me too much.

Last night I dreamt I met Barack Obama. It was a cloudy, hot summer day, I think I was supposed to be in Maine or New Hampshire, near the ocean. There were lots of kids running around an open yard, and they suddenly ran to him. He picked one up and chatted with each one individually for a few moments each. Holcomb and I got in line to shake his hand. I thought about what to say to him and couldn't think of anything. I shook President Obama's hand and commented about the weather (I realized recently that I do this a lot, it's actually an amazing ice breaker sometimes) and the mosquitoes. I had a bunch of bug bites, and he very exhaustedly recommended some kind of bug repellent, I think it had the word "log" in it. I thanked him, and then Holcomb moved forward to say pleasantly, "I think I am far too in love with my girlfriend" to Obama's, "What's up?" I broke from the dream a bit here because I couldn't decide if I want to go kiss Holcomb, smile at him, or go, "You have a girlfriend!?"

This morning I wondered what I would do if I ever met President Obama in a casual situation (impossible, I know). I think I would politely inquire after his health and then ask if I could do anything for him. Whether or not you like the president's policies or views, you have to admit, it's a tough job, and I'm sure the guy could use something simple and stress-free every once in a while. I think I'd like to buy the president an ice cream (or we could just have ice cream together...courtesy of the White House kitchen 'cause I'm broke).

It's supposed to be GORGEOUS out this weekend (thanks for the heads up, Gregoire), I am really excited. Celebrating Pascha (Easter) has been a huge part of my life since always, and even now that I don't feel a particularly spiritual connection to the holiday, I love celebrating it. My family has a party every year with some of their church friends, lots of meat and booze. This weekend should be spectacular. Now that my camera does not appear to be broken after all, I intend on taking lots of photos. =)

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