Monday, March 01, 2010

I haven't had a day alone since I met you.

Hullo, March.  Today is Liz's birthday and Self-Injury Awareness day.  I think I shall do something for the latter event, probably just wear red.

And as for the title of this entry, I really feel like it's true for once.  Even before dating, David and I quickly became good friends and confidantes.  It's all happened so fast, but I am madly in love and absurdly happy when he's with me.  And even when he's an hour away, it's only an hour and I'm glad to know he's always on the other end of some line.

Hmm I had thoughts for an entry.  I think it was along the lines of:

I can't wait for college to be over.  No more homework or work outside of a work environment/classroom for a while.  I look forward to having any kind of steady-pay job, even if it's part-time, and living in my purple room again.  I look forward to having more time and hopefully money to get my car functioning well.  I look forward to spending some more time with my family and getting to visit my grandmother.  I look forward to fewer deadlines and fluctuating schedules.

May 23rd can't come soon enough.  Maybe someday I'll stop hating Mondays so much.


  1. But you will be missed once you leave! Missed Lots!

  2. Awww thanks Gabe. I will probably visit peoples if I'm told about rad happenings or parties etc. since I'm expecting to stay around the Cambridge area for a while.