Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Slow starts.

This morning I remembered that Spring semesters are difficult for me. I can't account for high school years anymore, but for college, this has certainly held true.  Freshman year, I started working at ITS, and I can recall a number of days when I was unwilling to get out of bed and go to work.  Everything was going well for me, but I just could not motivate myself.  Sophomore year I was fairly moody that semester and I believe I tried therapy or counseling again.  It didn't go well.  Junior year I was struggling with the inevitable break-up.  I became somewhat more social during the latter part of the semester, but in the beginning, I'm sure I was pretty unpleasant.  The hardest part about these times is just getting out of bed.  It should get better when the days get longer and the weather is better, but for now, I dread seeing the snow outside my window, I dread the inevitable cold showers of Tuesday and Thursday mornings, and my fear of falling behind in all of my classes, as it happens.

I look forward to more warm mornings and tossed blankets with a certain someone.  Wherever those mornings may be.

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