Monday, January 18, 2010

Isn't it a pity?

Even before my classes begin, I find myself wanting to sew more and more.  This usually occurs when I'm trying to avoid something, but right now, it's because I've felt more energetic lately than I have felt in years.  I honestly cannot remember the last time I felt consistently awake and lively for several days in a row, or weeks even.  Since high school maybe?  I couldn't tell ya!

I am really looking forward to my classes.  Drawing should be good, I've heard great things about the instructor and I've been wanting to brush up on those skills for ages.  I'm crap with shading, and never tried charcoal.  Photography will be fun, Stephen said it's the best because it's mostly seniors and we're all just chill and ready to have fun with our work.  The Short Story should be interesting at the very least, Jay Elliot is a genius and I'm looking foward to hearing him talk about something I might actually understand.  Plus, I love writing short stories.  17th Century Literature Topics is a bit intimidating, but I love Professor Neuman.  Her enthusiasm should make it loads easier to get through.

Vague project list:

-Bomber hat for my mom (need some supplies)

-Valentine's gift for Holcomb (need some supplies)

-use more of Jon's denim...but for what?!?!

-use more of the faux fur for...something

-learn how to make pants (with pockets)

-embellish the bright yellow coat

-fix up the tacky princess dress (dye it?)

-dye the hand warmers from Gabe (need dye...purple I think)

-scarf for Holcomb =P

-use the awesome blue dress for...a dress?

-MAKE A DRESS DUMMY (need a friend for this, also need packing strips..the kind you wet and then apply?)

-get purty dress dry-cleaned

-get zipper fixed on heavier leather jacket

-sort through project materials (aka. fabric...)

-get rid of some project materials/organize =\

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  1. Maybe because your so happy you feel like sewing? Even if it means your trying to avoid something usually, maybe this time its different.