Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Build a ladder if there's a wall

My haus is so dry that the sponges harden overnight. I have heard that a basin of water over a cast iron radiator will help with this. Guess what I'll be doing in my room?

I was awoken this morning at quarter to eight by the sound of a chainsaw. I had forgotten it was supposed to snow and discovered it was actually a snow blower when I looked outside. The snow was welcome and beautiful, but now the sky is peeing and we are getting some terrible slush. Fuck Physical Plant hard up the ass with a broomstick because they clear the sidewalks once and don't do anything about the slush that will turn to treacherous, ankle-breaking ice. Also, fuck my neighbors for not shoveling their sidewalks!

It is kind of amazing what my brain can do when pushed to its limits. Here I am with 38 pages due next week and I've only written a 4-5 page presentation that doesn't count towards that page count. I have a schedule written out, but when I have to write a draft of a paper and at least 7 pages on another in one day that I have 4 hours of work, it seems unlikely that I'll get it all done. Rumor has it the 20-pager due Monday may get pushed back, but that's just going to fuck up my schedule! At least I've been forced to think about it and kind of start it now. And at least I have the whole weekend to work on the 20-pager... The others will get fit in somehow. =(

And it's not just the pages, it's life. There's been plenty of drama drifting around, very unusual for me, but I guess I brought it on myself. In some ways, it's been terrible, and in others, it's been wonderful. That is the nature of things, I suppose.

I am looking forward to:
-dinner with a friend
-Museum of Science
-Harry Potter exhibit at Museum of Science
-hot chocolate
-being in Boston with snow (I hope)
-getting good at driving
-reading a fuck-ton of whatever I want
-sleeping well


  1. Just get a humidifier =P Seriously, I love mine so much that I bought another. A hot water one for winter and a cold one for summer.

  2. Which is true, but theyre really not expensive at all. I sleep so much better with mine on too.