Tuesday, November 03, 2009

"Sparse" poetry

I've been really enjoying writing "sparse" poetry lately.  For me, the idea behind this poetry is that you get a vague idea of a story, or a theme, but you are left to interpret it in your own way.  It's really meant to be interpreted in its vagueness.  Some poetry should not be interpreted, but merely appreciated, I think.

For this week's "sparse" poem, I give you...


The spark of a freshly washed
sock ignited a war
of t-shirts and boxers thrown
across the concrete room.

We had sex on the warm laundry
and didn't
wash the clothes

In these moments in time,
we are static.


Titled tentatively "When I Miss You", originally "Static".  Btw, I have not had sex on warm, clean laundry, but it sounded like a nice, spontaneous location.  I think this "sparse" poetry uses my voice well.  My poetry is generally identifiable by a very easy to understand voice and only necessary vocabulary.  Here, I get the bare minimum with something powerful hidden underneath.  I mean, I think, anyway.   I worry that it doesn't stand alone well, without reading some of my other work (which you can, here: on my deviantART profile).

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