Monday, October 05, 2009

Another review of sorts, but mostly ramblings

A show and a concert are different things and different experiences. KMFDM was a concert, people stood and listened, there was a moshpit, but mostly, it was not an interactive experience. One could argue that listening to music in itself is an interactive experience, but it's not enough for me, at least. The Dear and the Headlights show, on the otherhand, was a show, and I greatly enjoyed it. Not saying I didn't enjoy the KMFDM concert, it just isn't what I go for. Oh, I also went to see The Fall of Troy at Toad's Place in New Haven, CT, Sept. 19th, but that show is too far removed from my mind to comment on now. It was fun, but the barricade separating under-21s from over-21s was pretty fucking stupid and resulted in Joe and I getting stuck on the boring side.

9/24/2009, Middle East Upstairs, Cambridge MA
Dear and the Headlights was touring with Kinch and Rajiv Patel. There was an opening band (Baker?) that said they were nameless and this was their last show. The music was sort of...indie surf rock, and it was pretty fun, though to me, not very original. I couldn't tell you where I've heard it before, but it sounded like things I've heard before. Rajiv Patel was a man with his guitar, and oh, he did some wondrous things. Check out his Myspace page if you'd like. He had one man with him on the drums, but the first song he played was him with the guitar, sitting at a bass drum, one foot on the pedal, and the other on a tamborine. I was blown away, and greatly regret not buying his 2 cds for $5. Kinch was also lots of fun, I guess they're...indie pop? They also have a website and you can download their music for free, so check it out! I really like the song John Adams and Carolina Cannonball. Very catchy, very fun to see rocking out on stage.

And then there's D&tH. I only started listening to them very recently, this summer, but I really like the music. Even though they don't always make sense to me, the lyrics are so beautifully crafted with the music, and I am seriously in love with it. One of the songs that speaks to me is "It's Getting Easy", which seems to be about the inner struggle that one often encounters when taking drugs for ones own "well-being". Maybe it's a metaphor, but plain and simple, I can relate to it. I also love "Parallel Lines", it's such a sweet melody, and I hope that I can relate to this one someday.. D&tH has some music on their Myspace page and not much on their official website, but I hope they'll come to New England sometime next year again. All the bands mentioned in this blog entry are from the Southwest, unfortunately for us.

On a somewhat related note, I have a radio show! Kind of. Clark has it's own online-radio, it used to be on the real airwaves, but people had sex on the air or something, so that doesn't happen anymore. Visit to see the schedule and figure out how to listen in advance. My show is Wednesdays 10pm-11pm, it's called "That Show" (look it up on the Schedule page to read my bio and see a silly picture). I have nothing interesting planned for this week, so you might hear me talk a lot, but we'll see. This largely depends on how much homework I haven't done!

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