Wednesday, July 29, 2009


So apparently Ritalin and energy drinks have similar effects on my mind.  It's not entirely pleasant, but interesting, and so I considered today an experiment.  A bad day for experimentation for sure, what with bordering on exhaustion and all, but I needed to get through the day without falling apart.  So I drank a Monster!

When I take Ritalin (or apparently when I drink Monster), I think quite a bit faster, and thus talk quite a bit faster.  I definitely process stimuli much faster than I normally would, but it's very confusing to me, because at the same time that I am thinking so quickly, I am wondering "Wow, how am I doing this?" and end up thinking about my thinking...while I'm thinking.  It creeps me out because it's so unlike how my brain normally is.  It's like...controlled scatter-brain.  I can multi-task, I am efficient, but I still have an awful shortterm memory and I get very excitable in that sort of state, which can be dangerous for me.  I am generally pretty excitable, I'd say, if we're defining excitable as easy distracted or able to switch to trains of thought very quickly, but not between.  With a stimulant though, I end up confused in the back of my mind by all the thinking that's going on and generally just end up feeling very uncomfortable.  I wish it would really make a difference for me, but I don't think a different type of medication would really help having executive functioning disorder.

I am going to experiment with caffeine while I'm in Maine, maybe just a cup of tea in the morning to start with.  I'll be getting enough sleep, and keeping active, so that seems like a good time to moderate my energy levels.  Perhaps just regular caffeine won't leave me shaky and a little freaked out.

I've lost 5lbs in the past 3 weeks.  I'm at my lowest weight right now.  This isn't good, and I have no idea how it happened.  I was 118 when I went to the doctor.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Okay. So. That movie that I saw? Yeah, that one. Don't read if you don't want spoilers on how dissatisfying the movie was. There were a lot of things left out, for starters. The movie was very awkwardly paced, and oh my goodness, so many moments that could be miscontrued as awkward homoeroticism that my neighbors (friends/hausmates Anders and Simon) had to point out and giggle about.

Ron (Rupert Grint) is sadly not cute and not very funny anymore. I thought he was the highlight of the movies for a while, at least the best comic relief, but unfortunately, no longer. Maybe it was just the haircut, I don't know. Harry (Daniel Radcliffe) was his usual fairly-blank-faced self HOWEVER he became the highlight of the movie at a lot of points because he was actually acting like a normal teenage boy. It was pretty entertaining (the fact that he was acting like the 16-year-old that he's supposed to be? erm...yeah pretty much). Oh yeah, Hermione (Emma Watson) might be hot, this movie confirms it.

The "liquid luck" scene was disappointing, Harry was absolutely hilarious, but seemed like an energetic-drunk. The romantic scenes were incredibly annoying, there was a lot of new (read: non-book material) Ginny sequences. Lavendar and Ron were pretty spot-on, but it was pretty painful to watch because of Ron's poor acting. Also THE WEASLEY HOUSE DOES NOT EVER BURN DOWN WTF.

I was pretty satisfied with Dumbledore's performance, I just wish he'd acted more like Dumbledore in the other movies. The end of the movie was INCREDIBLY unsatisfying, I was most disappointed by that, but you'll have to pay and suffer in order to find out why. Me, I got in free.

Anyway, done with that lame report. Joe keeps reading over my shoulder and making me self-conscious about my typing abilities and general text-content.