Friday, June 19, 2009

dance, dance

Okay so maybe not on the cryptic relationship-related rant.

Today I was listening to music on my Creative Zen (they have their flaws, but they are EXCELLENT for a non-Apple mp3 player; pricey, yes, but very good) and something came on that threw me into major nostalgia mode.  It's so strange that something as simple as a song (okay songs aren't necessarily a simple so that's stupid to say) could throw my brain into a totally different feeling, like I'm going into the past, back to when my brain thought and felt differently, almost making me feel like I'm physically elsewhere.  If I had less of a grip on reality now, I probably would have physically stumbled when that happened.  It threw me back to a time when I was very depressed, but the feeling I got was very peaceful, like a bit of my mind that was very collected from back then, that I forget about now and sometimes feel like I've lost.

You wouldn't expect something so deep from Fall Out Boy, but I have a secret love for them.  People write them off too quickly, I think.  I wonder if they've had a new album since I stopped listening.  That feeling continued as I kept listening to the album.  I kept getting the sense that I'd start seeing things that I'd done in the past, past events, but they didn't come.  Just the feeling.

Please note: the things I talk about in this blog are not necessarily things I want to talk about in person.  Like this entry.  It's not something I can really verbalize in person, and that's why I write here.  Reviews of stuff, obviously, are open topics for discussion, but anything more personal, please don't bring it up unless it's online.

Gifts for self that I should get:

-new computer speakers

-Dresden Dolls companion book (so I can have non-classical piano sheet music to maybe mess around with)

-Sigg water bottle (because I dislike Nalgenes!)

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