Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Mahoney Brothers - Long Live The Beatles

Apparently this is turning into a review blog?

I went to see The Mahoney Brothers perform as The Beatles today, at Arlington's Regent Theater. They are a Beatles cover-band that has apparently been performing as and impersonating the Beatles since the late-1970's.

I found their impersonations impressive, as any impersonating, especially one done for that long, requires a great deal of dedication, but lacking in some areas. John was good, he even got the awkward knee bounce while singing/playing, and his voice was spot-on. Paul's voice sounded strained, like the performer was not actually able to sing in his range all that well. Actually, he sounded like Paul McCartney now, with his voice worn from years of singing. George was...not very good. He barely sounded like George, in singing or speaking.

The musical performance and the banter was good though. I enjoyed the earlier songs that they played, more than the later ones, specifically the Sgt. Pepper songs were not very good, but after that, stuff from Abbey Road was okay. "Please Please Me" is one that sticks out in my mind as good, and "Day in a Life" sticks out as one that was bad. "Day In A Life" is definitely not an easy song to perform, since they had to do the horns and noise through keyboards (which for other songs worked fine, such as "Magical Mystery Tour"), but the note at the end just sounded like people screaming, which I did not find pleasant at all. Overall though, there were not many noticeable musical mistakes, except for an important missed bass-drum pound in "Carry That Weight".

I enjoyed seeing that there were all sorts of people there. There were some really young kids, including one little boy who had to have been 5-years-old, who said he liked my t-shirt (it has Beatles images and lyrics on it, Nika painted it for me over 5 years ago (possibly 8? yeah and I still fit in it) and the acrylic paint is hardly cracked, and none has come off), and plenty of people who may have grown up with The Beatles as their records came out. Who knows, maybe some of them even went to concerts when there were younger. There was a handful of people with disabilities too, and I found myself wondering what it is about The Beatles that appeals to them. My brother had a blast, he danced in his seat, ran in place, and kept the beat for many of the songs. I'm glad we're raising another Beatles-fan. My parents listened to them when they were younger (I think my mom was a bigger fan than my dad, but they both certainly appreciate them), and my sister and I picked them out on the radio when we were pretty little, and decided we liked them. So I guess you could say we're "natural" fans, since nobody really introduced us to the music.

I don't really feel like writing up a "Star Trek" review, I saw that a couple of weeks ago and it was AMAZING. That's all you get.

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